By Ward van Gasteren

By Ward van Gasteren

Tools are my thing. Here I share my opinion on the latest tools and hope to help marketers and founders find the right tools for them.

Instapage Pricing Plans (2019) – What’s included and what’s not

By Ward van Gasteren

By Ward van Gasteren

Tools are my thing. Here I share my opinion on the latest tools and hope to help marketers and founders find the right tools for them.

Wondering how much Instapage costs or maybe you’re wondering which Instapage plan is right for you? 

This overview will help you pick the right plan by showing you what you really need and what features are actually irrelevant. 

Let’s get started! 🚀

Screenshot Instapage Pricing &Plans Page
Instapage Pricing Page (22/5/2019)

What’s in this Instapage Pricing review?

Quick summary of Instapage’s most important plans

Instapage has a 14-day free trial, which is slightly hidden, so you have to search to find it. Instapage has only one plan: the Core Plan which costs $99 per month, which is a bit expensive, but that is fair since they are a real market leader with the best features, but I have to say that there are cheaper options. Finally, Instapage also has an Enterprise Plan for a custom pricing per month, but this is only useful if you are a big corporate or you’re taking your “landing page-game” very serious.

If that’s all you wanted to know, feel free to try the 14-day free trial or have a look at their pricing plans.

PlansMonthly PriceYearly PriceI would advise this if:
Free PlanN/AN/AIt’s free, but only for 14 days… Great to try Instapage (or if you need it for a small, temporary campaign 🤫).
Core Plan$129$99Since June 2018, this is the only plan, but I’m sure
Enterprise PlanCustomCustomMade for larger corporates or if you’re taking your landingpage-game very serious.

Instapage Pricing: What do you get?

Instapage is probably the most popular landing page software out there and is a real household name among marketers and startup founders. Thanks to Instapage you’ll be able to build landingpages in an easy-to-understand drag-and-drop interface and up your conversion rate with 400% on the same ad spend… they say.

Its main premium features include its elegant Landing Page Builder, A/B-testing, Conversion Tracking, Heatmaps and (for the Enterprise Plan) AMP load speed.

Instapage pricing is extremely easy to understand: they offer one fixed fee plan (which rewards you with a discount if you commit for a full year instead of monthly payments). Its price is $99 per month if you pay yearly (or $129 if you want to pay monthly). You can use one account with as many people as you’d like.

In terms of its features, Instapage is very comprehensive and easy to use. I’m planning on publishing a full Instapage review soon, including walkthrough.

Instapage Landing Page Builder is the perfect tool for startups and companies who want to start innovating, because of its high speed of working.

Previously, Instapage had a cheaper plan as well for the price of only $30, but they stopped that and ‘forced’ its users to either sign up for the Core Plan (which cost $69 back then) or stop using Instapage in total, which turned out as a pretty big fiasco for Instapage.

Ready? Try the 14-day free trial now >

What does each Instapage plan include?

Instapage has 3 different plans. Let’s have a look at each plan in detail:

Instapage’s 14-day Free Trial

The Free Plan is absolutely free (no credit card details required). This trial is a little bit hard to find, because they don’t mention it anywhere on their site, homepage or pricing page, but as soon as you want to sign up through any page, you’ll end up a specific form for their 14-day trial.

Instapage Free Plan
Here you can sign-up for Instapage’s 14-day Free Trial

The free trial has all the features of the Core Plan, but is limited to 2,500 visitors. That will probably be enough, unless you’re going use the trial for a big campaign or so (which I wouldn’t advise anyway).

When the 14-day trial ends, your landing pages will be unpublished and will even be deleted completely unless you upgrade to one of the paid plans within 60 days.

Let me summarize that for you: 

✅Pro’s of the Free Trial

  • It’s free obviously
  • It has all the features from the Core Plan
  • Limited to 2,500 visitors (which is more than enough)

🆘Con’s of the Free Plan

  • Limited to 14 days
  • Instapage automatically unpublishes your pages when the trial ends

The Core Plan – 99/month

The Core Plan costs $99/month with no additional costs. Sadly, it isn’t cheap for starting businesses, but if you use it to its full expense, it’ll be totally worth it.

Sadly it does have a cap on the maximum amount of landing pages (30 published landing pages) and a maximum amount of visitors (30.000 in total, so thousand per page… which is a bit low if you’re building a big business). Also, the number of team members is capped at five, but that shouldn’t be a problem unless you have a lot of micromanagers within your company.

You’ll get every feature you’ll normally need and its ease of use is what is making it so valuable for your business compared to other CMS or page builders, like WordPress and Squarespace.

But I have to say, that if you’re taking your paid ads and landing pages serious, you will probably have to request a quote for the Enterprise Plan.

Let me summarize that for you: 

✅Pro’s of the Core Plan

  • Wide range of features
  • Also SSL-certification, A/B-testing and Personalization are included, which is amazing since most competitors don’t even have all these features.

🆘Con’s of the Core Plan

  • Maximum of 30 published landing pages
  • Maximum of 30,000 visitors*
  • Maximum of 5 team members
  • No AMP-landingpages in this plan
  • No Custom Fonts (but most, well-known fonts are already included)
  • $99,- is a big sum and there are cheaper competitors. So try the free trial first if you’re not sure.

I would advise trying the free trial first, because of the high monthly fee. If you like it then and feel like you can use it enough, you can continue to the Core Plan.

The Enterprise Plan – Custom Pricing

The Enterprise Plan is Instapage’s most expensive plan. You have to request a quote first since the prices are custom-made.

Instapage Enterprise Pricing
This is the sign-up form for Instapage’s Enterprise Plan

The average Instapage Enterprise Plan customer pays $2500/month (on an annual agreement), based on a conversation with their live chat team. This will start you at 100 pages/100k unique monthly visitors and their full library of Enterprise features.

This plan is made for heavy users of landingpages, so if you build 50-100 pages or more, I think you might like the Enterprise Plan. For these power-users, Instapage offers Global Blocks (to help you automatically edit parts of multiple pages at once), 1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization (for those of us who have to manage 100’s of paid campaigns and landing pages), Real-Time Collaboration (for bigger marketing teams) and even give you a Personal Account Manager who can help you with custom Feature Implementation.

Also, Instapage offers AMP-pages to Enterprise customers, which means that your pages will load in 500 milliseconds, which is a feature that no other landing page software offers.

Let me summarize that for you: 

✅Pro’s of the Enterprise Plans

  • Custom-made plan for you
  • Several features made for power users who build 50+ landingpages
  • AMP-technology for loading speed <0,5 seconds
  • Migration Services for everybody who already uses an Instapage alternative
  • Personal Account Manager

🆘Con’s of the Enterprise Plans

  • This plan is still not fully unlimited for a fixed price: You’ll discuss your need with Instapage and they will create a plan with a price and a limit that suits your needs.
  • It’s not cheap, but if you’re serious about landing pages you’ll know you need it and you know you’ll earn it back

Flowchart: Find the right plan for you

I’ve made a fun flowchart for you about the Instapage pricing to choose the right plan for you.

If you’re already sure that you want to use Instapage, these are the only two questions you need to answer. Luckily the rest of this article gives a bit more background 😅

Instapage Pricing Flowchart to pick the right plan for you. It’s not that hard.

Comparison of all Instapage Plans in detail

Plans14-day Free TrialCore PlanEnterprise Plan
PriceFree$99 / monthCustomized
Max. amount of visitors2,50030,000Unlimited
Max. number of landing pages1030Unlimited
Max. number of team members55Unlimited
Drag-and-Drop Landing Page Builder
All Integrations
A/B Testing
Dynamic Text Replacement
Easy Conversion Tracking
Automatic SSL Certification
AMP Pages
Real-Time Collaboration
1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization
Personal Customer Success Managers 
Page Migration Services
Single Sign-On
Custom Fonts
Get the free trialSign up nowRequest a quote

Instapage “hidden” costs + pricing details

  • There is no long term free plan, but they let you trial Instapage for 14 days (no CC. needed).
  • You’ll still need to have a URL of your own. You can use Instapage’s subdomain, but it doesn’t look very professional. Buying a domain isn’t expensive, but remember the extra cost and time (costs about 24 hours to get a domain name).
  • Refund-period is only 24 hours! After that, your fee is non-refundable and your subscription can only be stopped at the end of your subscription period (depending on your monthly or yearly contract).
  • If you decide to go with a yearly contract, you’ll get a 23% discount. However, you do have to pay upfront with a yearly subscription, so be ready 💸
  • No hidden fees, you won’t pay for anything extra. It’s a fixed fee.


I would advise anybody who hasn’t used Instapage or an Instapage alternative, to first try the 14-day free trial to see if you like their landing page builder and how many pages you’ll actually build.

After that you’ll have to choose between one of two Instapage plan:

Will Instapage’s Core Plan be enough for me?

The Core Plan is great if you’re getting started on landing pages, but if you run 30+ paid marketing campaigns, you’ll get in trouble with the maximum number of landing pages or page visitors. If so, you’ll need to trim down your number of landing pages or upgrade to their Enterprise Plan.

Also, I am personally a big fan of AMP-pages and (in personal experience) the 1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization has proven to be a huge boost in conversion when running 100+ different ads.

Should I go pro and take out an Enterprise subscription?

Instapage’s Enterprise Plan isn’t cheap, but if you’re serious about paid marketing and landing pages, you know this is the investment you’ll need to make.

If you feel ready, you can sign-up now on the Instapage website. If not, you can read a few case studies on this blog from Instapage.

FAQ about Instapage Pricing & Plans

How to get Instapage’s 14-day free trial?

Instapage’s free trial is slightly hidden, so it isn’t obvious to find. But this is how to find it: First, you go to their […]

Does Instapage have a free plan?

Instapage does not have a freemium plan, but they do have a free trial, which you can sign up for here.

Do I need to enter my credit card details for the free trial?

No, there are no credit card details needed.

Can I easily upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Meh… Upgrading from your Free Trial to the Core Plan is very easy, with just one click on a button. But after that, Instapage actually only has one real plan: its Core Plan. So up- and downgrading isn’t really a thing. To upgrade your plan to the Enterprise Plan you’ll have to request a quote from sales. And to downgrade from Enterprise Plan, you’ll also have to talk to sales.

How much does Instapage’s Enterprise Plan cost?

The average Instapage Enterprise Plan customer pays $2500/month (on an annual agreement), based on a conversation with their live chat team. This will start you at 100 pages/100k unique monthly visitors and their full library of Enterprise features.

How to cancel my Instapage-account?

Termination of the contract can be requested at any time at only from the email address associated with the account. Fee’s are non-refundable unless you refund within 24 hours after purchase.

What happens if I exceed my maximum number of “Unique Monthly Visitors”?

Instapage will warn you upfront and you can upgrade your account through sales. Otherwise, visitors will land on a blank page.

Are there discounts for students?

No, there are no discount options.

Are there discounts for NGO’s/non-profits?

No, there are no discount options.

What does Instapage count as a “Unique Visitor”?

A unique visitor is anybody who has visited any of your landing pages. Unique visitors are identified and tracked by an Instapage cookie and are counted as 1 unique visitor (regardless of the number of times they visit your page).

What are “Instablocks”?

“Instablocks” are reusable block templates for Instapage’s landing page builder. You can choose from a selection of pre-designed block templates, like headers, footers, testimonials, and more, or create your own blocks from scratch. They are available in all Instapage plans, even the free trial.

Does Instapage have a money-back guarantee?

Not really: They have a 24-hour refund period. After that, your fee is non-refundable and your subscription can only be stopped at the end of your subscription period (depending on your monthly or yearly contract).

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By Ward van Gasteren

By Ward van Gasteren

Tools are my thing and on this website I share this passion with all entrepreneurs and marketers who are looking for the right tool for them.

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